Announcing our Creator Alpha Testing Program​

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Announcing our Creator Alpha Testing Program

After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Creator Alpha Testing Program!

Content creators are at the heart of our strategy. In order to ensure that our platform is functional and intuitive, we’re looking for content creators to test our platform in a guided session with a member of the Enshrine team.

What is the Creator Alpha Testing Program

As we prepare to launch the Enshrine platform later this spring, we want to gather feedback from our future users. More specifically, we’re looking to find out:

  • How the platform feels. Have we succeeded in making an intuitive and beautiful platform that you’d feel comfortable bringing your fans to?
  • Does our platform have all the features you’d expect?
  • If Enshrine fits into your monetization strategy as a creator. Will our offerings be something that your fans are interested in?
  • Will our servers hold up with several users transacting on our platform? Can we maintain a stable experience?
  • All the platform bugs that you’re able to find during testing

In order to answer these questions, we are looking for a set of content creators that are interested in attending a one-on-one testing session with a member of the Enshrine team. Below is what you should expect from an alpha testing session:

  • Attend a 90-minute testing session with a member of the Enshrine team. This session will take place on our Discord and you will be asked to share your screen
  • Sign an NDA before the start of the session
  • Run through the most common scenarios on our platform and provide feedback on your experience during the testing session
  • Provide feedback on Enshrine’s strategy, specifically as it pertains to content creators

Interested? Great! Keep reading to see if you qualify.

Who qualifies for the Creator Alpha Testing Program?​

We’re looking for content creators that spend a significant amount of time streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or other platforms and are actively trying to grow their community.

You’ll be a great fit if you have:

  • An active Discord account and the ability to share your screen for a two hour recorded session
  • An average of 40 viewers over the last month OR are a Twitch Partner, YouTube Partner, Facebook Partner, or equivalent
  • The ability to give clear feedback on website design and functionality
  • (optional) Interest in the NFT, blockchain, and/or Web3 space

Don’t meet one or more of these qualifications (like average viewership)? We encourage you to apply anyways. We’re looking for content creators that are passionate about what they do, have an engaged community, and are eager to learn about how our platform can increase your earnings.

What do I get if I participate in the Creator Alpha Testing Program?

We know that your time is valuable and want to ensure that you are well compensated for your input. Below is a list of incentives that we’re giving out to everyone accepted into the Creator Alpha Testing Program:

  • We’ll pay for new emote/overlay/other graphic designs, new streaming equipment, or something else that will improve your stream (up to $100)
  •  An exclusive Creator Alpha Tester role in our Discord that gives you direct access to the Enshrine founding team
  • Exclusive NFTs and badges on our platform after we launch
  • First consideration in our Day One Creator Program.

How do I apply for the Creator Alpha Testing Program?

Interested in applying? Awesome! Follow the below steps to apply. 

  • Fill out this form
  • Join Enshrine’s Discord
  • (optional) Send a direct message on Discord to Matt | Community Manager (Scrumpy#7689) letting him know that you’ve applied

We typically review applications the same day you submit them, but we may take up to 3 days for application review. Enshrine reserves the right to amend the Creator Alpha Testing Program requirements or incentives at any time, for any reason. See full terms here.

Before you go

We’re hard at work on the Enshrine platform and are planning for our beta launch later this year. We have plenty of features on the backlog, but here is what you can expect from our beta release:

  • NFT marketplace with listings from select content creators
  • Secure payment integration with Stripe
  • Self-service NFT creation platform with Twitter, Twitch, and other social media integrations
  • Carbon-neutral NFT minting with Polygon
  • Creator payouts in USD

Interested in creating or buying on our platform? Apply to our Day One Creator Program or contact us directly!

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