What is Enshrine?​

Enshrine is a Web3 community engagement platform that empowers creators to build unique experiences for their fans backed blockchain technology. We’re shifting the balance of power towards content creators by enabling direct financial relationships between creators and their audience.

How does Enshrine work?​

Creator lists initial
token sale

Creator turns authentic content into tokens and chooses ownership perks, initial price, # of editions, and more. Enshrine handles the wallet set up, contract deployment, token minting, and more.

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determines price

Fans can buy & sell tokens freely. As tokens sell, the creator receives royalty payments on sales (if set during token creation). All token transactions are shown on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency for fans.

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redeems perk

Cross-platform integrations allow creators to offer a variety of ownership perks. Perks can be one-time (e.g. ticketed events or single-use discount codes) or ongoing (e.g. Discord role or access to gated content).

Why use Enshrine?

Develop a recurring income stream

Stop relying solely on platform payouts from companies that take a large share of your earnings. Unlock an additional revenue channel where you keep more of your earnings by connecting directly with your supporters.

You have complete control over the sale price, royalty amount, drop date, number of listing additions, and much more!

Revolutionize how you engage with your community

Our platform empowers you to build engaging experiences for your supporters backed by verified token ownership. Your fans can buy and sell everything that you make on Enshrine, creating an economy for your community.

You determine what ownership perks you want to offer without being locked into our platform.

Take back creative control

Are you tired of constantly feeling like you must conform to popular taste or be optimizing your content for algorithm placement?

Create the content that you want and what your audience loves without needing to worry about how to optimize for ad-based monetization models.

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Platform features

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Carbon-negative minting

Blockchain technology has earned a bad reputation for its impact on the environment. That’s why we use Polygon, a carbon-neutral blockchain. We also offset the carbon footprint of every token created on our platform.

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Cross-platform integrations

We integrate with other platforms so that verified token ownership can be used outside our platform. You can also create tokens from content that you’ve posted elsewhere!

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Transact in fiat, not crypto

Our platform handles all of the blockchain interactions and currency conversions, so you don’t have to. Supporters purchase tokens in USD and creators receive payouts in USD.

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Verified creator authenticity

We vet every creator on our platform; users can only create tokens of social media content if they’ve authenticated their account with us!  This means that your community can be sure that any tokens they purchase on our platform are authored by its content creator!

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Industry-leading security practices

From the blockchains we mint on to our hosted wallets, we put security at the forefront of every decision that we make. Enshrine users can rest easy knowing that their assets are safe on our platform.

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Self-service listing creation

Create tokens as often as you want with our self-service platform.  In just a few clicks, transform any of your content into a token. We let you set the price, royalty amount, number of editions, and more!

How creators are using NFTs

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Build engaging experiences for your community

Give your fans the ability to invest in you on the world’s first Web3 community engagement platform. Set perks for your community, apply them to your tokens, then let your supporters determine your worth.

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